Honey w/ Your Tea — Issue #3

Back at it again with the white vans. WTF is going on. None of this is financial advice, but if you want to be a degen…cheers mate.

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Buzz buzz…

Blood is on the street. Everyone is afraid. All your friends are making fun of you for investing in cryptos. That token your cousin recommended to you at thanksgiving is now worth 0. You’re starting to believe that Elon, Bezos, and some rich prince in Nigeria organized this Ponzi scheme to rug you to oblivion.

While I can’t deny the latter, I’m here to tell you, relax.

If this is your first time experiencing a flash crash, welcome to the crypto market, where a 30% drop is a celebration. This is when we go shopping with institutional investors. Santa came early and it came in form of shaking out the inexperienced. This is where we fill our bags up and reminiscence on the lessons we learned along the way such as paper-handing in previous flash crashes. We already took an L, just chin up and remember this is only short-term. These market corrections test your conviction to see if you truly believe in putting your money where your mouth is. Patience with time is key. Learning how to use the strategy of dollar-cost averaging on dips will not only help your positions by averaging down but teaches you discipline and to stop being emotional about investments you need to do more research on. Anytime you ever feel overexposed or anxious about your position on investment, you simply didn’t do enough research. Education and information is the key to confidence and successful trading. You might be used to getting insight from your self-taught baby boomer uncle posting on Myspace about how a 1% drop of the Dow Jones means depression is inevitable. But let me tell you, there are way better sources for your information. You need to be a skeptic until you’ve seen enough to be a believer. We might have to make it a trend to start asking for APA format work-cited on everyone’s theses.

If you’re bearish right now, NGMI. Here’s why.

We have had Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms, rebrand itself into Meta. We’ve already seen Adidas partner up with Bored Apes. Nike just announced yesterday their acquisition of RTFKT. You’re going to tell me that’s not bullish?

When Fortune 500 companies start making acquisitions in a market, they do it for a reason. They have the same amount of conviction and belief in their investment as much as you do in Shiba going to $1. This is not a coincidence. Companies with this much capital, organization, branding, community, and innovators have all been signaled to our space and boy are the criminally awful projects in Gotham in trouble.

Batman is coming. Why?

Because they realize this is the future. The metaverse is inevitable at this point (Ready Player One helps explain metaverse.) With the technological advancements and a pandemic that locked everyone in, it incentivized the acceleration of digital life. We’re social creatures by nature, we want a sense of community and connection. Think about all the time spent playing Among Us with our friends, the times we’ve gotten T-Bagged by squeaky Timmy on Fortnite, and decompressing on Animal Crossing. This is all the beginning phase of what we’ll be able to do online thru virtual reality. We are only just starting. Companies such as Nike and Adidas are already using augmented reality as camera filters to try out different shoes. Eventually, the skins little Timmy bought in Fortnite will be wearable as an outfit in the metaverse. Once we have haptic suites, boy howdy. You can literally turn into anything you want. It’s giving people choice on how they want to be seen and opening up the spectrum on what it means to be yourself. My only concern would be the amount of catfishing that might happen, but hey, maybe you should be a little more open-minded ;)

Back on track to why bull…

We’re seeing these same companies invest into digital land, buying massive properties on Decentraland and Sandbox. Who knows what they plan to build on them, but I bet it’ll be…

What’s happening in the space?


We had Property’s release this week and sell out in under 5 minutes. Talk about FOMO. What is Property’s you might be asking? This is a collection of 6000 NFT cards that represent homes. With varying styles of both ancient and modern architecture, the coolest feature is that’s built on Sandbox and is ready to be integrated for usage immediately on their platform. It’s not just a collectible home but a social network where you can hang out with other homeowners, throw ragers, host art galleries, have clubhouses, and just share a space with a community of like-minded apes.


With the news of Nike acquiring RTFKT, we saw all of their collections from their sneakers to Clone X avatars double in price.


Elon is back to pumping your bags on DOGE, tweeting that it’ll now be accepted as a form of payment for merch. (Maybe the $1 Doge meme does come true.)


Interleave dropped a crazy sneak-peek on what they’ve been working on the past 5 months. In case you don’t know, Interleave is an NFT production studio. They focus on the media side of the market. Samples: movies, tv-series, games, mangas, anime, etc. Their goal is to help bring Web2 users (your typical boomers) to Web3 (certified apes) through their high-quality media. Interleave have their own IP, but they plan on collaborating with other projects to help bring their NFTs to life. I mean just check out the quality of this trailer they just released.

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Keep buzzing…




Musician, Trader and Social Change Advocate. Using the arts as a means to reach others and address social issues we face today.

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Brian Cordova

Brian Cordova

Musician, Trader and Social Change Advocate. Using the arts as a means to reach others and address social issues we face today.

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